Whalesong Group Inc.

Whalesong Group Inc. is the parent company for all our operations. The company was born in Nova Scotia’s music industry in the 1990s. Our first work was supporting concert production, and providing musical entertainment for events and venues. We’ve come a long way since then. Recognizing the growth of the company, and involvement in a wide variety of media content production, as well as consulting, public relations, and other services, the company was rebranded Whalesong Group Inc.

Whalesong Productions

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Whalesong Productions is a Canadian Television and Media production house that provides content to major broadcasters and publishers around the world. Often using a compact and versatile crew, we specialize in working in unique and challenging environments.

Andrew Younger


The Honourable Andrew Younger is an internationally recognized specialist in public and government affairs, corporate responsibility, and media. While he works across a wide range of industries, he has particular expertise in the following sectors: global energy and environmental issues, international development issues, and international trade and collaboration.

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