Whalesong Productions has been delivering quality television and media content since the 1990s.

Andrew Younger

Our Story

Whalesong Group Inc. is the parent company for all our operations. The company was born in Nova Scotia’s music industry in the 1990s. Our first work was supporting concert production, and providing musical entertainment for events and venues. We’ve come a long way since then.

By 1997, then known as Whalesong Productions, the business had begun providing editorial, news, and photography content on the music industry to national and local publications.

In 1999, after our founder Andrew Younger spent a year working with CBC Television News, he moved Whalesong Productions into television documentary production and electronic news gathering. The business quickly grew, providing content for major Canadian, US, and European broadcasters on the television side, as well as photography and written content for magazines and newspapers. Andrew and Whalesong Productions won awards for its work and developed a stable of clients on almost every continent and delivered projects in environments ranging from sea bound Tall Ships, to the Sub-Saharan desert, to northern Canada, and under the ocean.

Whalesong Productions grew to offer a large collection of stock imagery, documentary style photography services, underwater video and photography, and corporate work. Our corporate work has included major companies, universities, and NGOs.

Recognizing the growth of the company, and involvement in a wide variety of media content production, as well as consulting, public relations, and other services, the company was rebranded Whalesong Group Inc.

The company now produces numerous television programs which air nationally, as well as other media content, photography, drone services, and production management. The company currently delivers full production of television series (including writing, directing, and filming), print and online media content and production supervision (copy editing, writing, research, editor-in-chief roles, etc), as well as corporate work in video, online, writing, and campaign strategy. Andrew continues to work and be available as a speaker and consultant around the world on a range of issues and subjects.


Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Whalesong Productions provides content to major broadcasters and publishers around the world. Often using a compact and versatile crew, we specialize in working in unique and challenging environments. 

Andrew Younger Gemini Award