MariTIME Machines

MariTIME Machines Episode Guide - Season 1

From cars to almost cars, planes and boats. There’s even a bicycle. If it’s a machine that gets you around, host Sheldon MacLeod is interested in hearing your story. But these are more than just vehicles, old and new these machines play an important role in the lives of many people. Sheldon visits people near and far to learn about vehicles old and new and hear the personal stories of those who own and operate them. Season 1 airs in 2023 on Eastlink and is produced by Whalesong Group Inc. and Studios In Motion Productions Ltd.


Episode 0101


Bert Fulmore was just 12-years old when he first got behind the wheel in 1945. It was driving a delivery truck for his father’s country store. We take a ride in a 1937 Chev panel van he restored to honour that by gone era.

Episode 0102

La Have Brady Himmelman Ferry  

Saving people time and money, Captain Tom Mercer says cable ferries can save the world. The vessel named in honour of Brady Himmelman connects a storied past and a greener future, one trip at a time across the LaHave River.

Episode 0103

1965 Sunbeam Tiger

“Would you believe” this iconic British sportscar was made famous by Maxwell Smart in the 1960’s? Dave Munroe gives us a lesson about the Sunbeam Tiger and how he went from two wheels to a life long love of things that move.

Episode 0104

World War 2 Harvard Mk II

Thousands of young men got their wings in the iconic yellow aircraft known as the Harvard MK II. We lift off with Captain Kent Beckham in the vintage 1941 trainer and we learn of his personal connection to the machine.

Episode 0105

1931 Ford Coupe Roadster

Sam Ellsworth first saw the ‘Cluster Buster’ car as a teenager in Halifax. And he’s owned, and raced this street-legal 1931 Ford Coupe for more than 50 years.

Episode 0106

1920 Morris Oxford Bullnose

Nova Scotians were still driving on the left hand side of the road when this car was new. Ian and Debbie MacDonald lovingly care for this 1920 Morris Oxford Bullnose, teaching about its place in automotive history.

Episode 0107

Debert Airshow

Airshows feed our fascination with flight and are the connection between our past and present. We pay tribute to those stories and the people who tell them, from the Captain Jenn Casey observation area.

Episode 0108

1969 Chevy Chevelle

This Chevelle SS is an amazing example of a classic muscle car owned by Peter Mason. Updated for safety, but keeping true to the big block performance with smile inducing power.

Episode 0109

1959 Singer Gazelle

Don’t ask Rod Patriquin if it has a sewing machine engine. This Singer Gazelle is classic British styling and hear how he is only it’s second registered owner.

Episode 0110

1970 Plymouth Cuda

A work in progress, just like all of us. Wayne Bishop discusses how this car is opening conversations about mental heath and stands as a tribute to his late son Chris.

Episode 0111

World War 2 Nieuport II Bebe Replica

Small in size, but big on adventure. Larry Ricker takes to the sky in Lucie, a scale replica World War I aircraft that he flew over Vimy Ridge in 2017.

Episode 0112

2010 Tubed Civic

What is it? That’s the number one question Robbie Shreenan gets about his road-legal, custom car that started out as a weekend pandemic project.

Episode 0113

1941 HMCS Sackville

HMCS Sackville is a floating museum representing the last of her kind. Rick Powell and crew show us around and we take a trip on board as the Corvette is put away for the winter.