Maritime Ink

Maritime Ink Episode Guide

Maritime Ink premieres on Sunday, October 20th at 10:30pm on Eastlink TV. Check local listings for channel information. It is also available On Demand.

Directed and written by Andrew Younger, Maritime Ink airs over 13 weeks. In addition to the Sunday premiere of each episode for the show will also air repeats each night at 10:30pm throughout the week.

We will do our best to update the air week for episodes below, but keep in mind the schedule may be pushed forward due to special events such as hockey broadcasts.

Each episode below highlights the work of a tattoo artist. Also featured in the show are short segments with people talking about their own tattoos.




Chan Flint – Divergence Tattoos

In the season 2 premiere Maritime Ink introduces you to one of Canada’s top realism artists. If you want a photo realistic portrait, Chan is one of the best to go to. He now runs his own shop, Divergence Tattoos in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Becky Matheson – Wanderlust Tattoos

Becky Matheson loves to travel, but with kids and a husband in the military that’s not as easy as it once was. Her travels inspire her tattoo work and she often has clients coming to visit her where they can swap stories about adventure.


Jason Mahar – Everlasting Ink

Jason Mahar grew up doodling in the back of bibles at church on Sundays in rural Nova Scotia. He took that passion and went from a career in graphic design to a career as a tattoo artist. From his shop in New Minas he has trained many tattoo artists in the valley and across Canada.


Gabe Squalor – Outlaw Country Tattoo

Gabe Squalor never quite felt at home in many of the shops she worked in. There was always tension with the needs of her LGBTQi clients and the way the shops ran. She wanted a place that was open to everyone, but first a shop catering to a queer audience. And so, Outlaw Country Tattoo was born.


Chanelle Bourdon – Etched Addiction

Chanelle came to Nova Scotia when her mother was posted to CFB Greenwood, as she worked at Tattoo Festivals she was encouraged to become a tattoo artist herself. And so just apprenticed and joined Etched Addictions in Cambridge, Nova Scotia. A new artist, she’s finding her way with the help and support of her friends.


Amber Thorpe – Adept Tattoos

Amber Thorpe came to Nova Scotia on vacation and never left, opening a tattoo shop in Halifax weeks after arriving. Now she owns two shops and is one of the leading artists in the industry. She’s behind the Maritime Tattoo Festival, and has a strong following.


Luke Cormier – 9th Gate Tattoo

Coming to Sydney from Newfoundland, Luke only recently opened a new shop with his partner. Luke specializes in sticker tattoos, tattoos that look like real stickers applied to the skin. People come from all over to Sydney just to get work done by him.


Larry Koracevic – Art of Rebellion

Larry wanted a change. Ontario was becoming a rat race and he just wanted a better lifestyle. So he packed up his family and moved to Amherst where he’s been welcomed into the community with his new shop the Art of Rebellion.


Loretta Thomason – Rave’n Ink

Greenwood is best known for the largest Air Force base in Atlantic Canada. And where there’s an air force base there is demand for tattoos. Out of a steam punk inspired tattoo shop Loretta does detailed tattoo work and exceptional paintings.


Jennifer Hupalo – 9th Gate Tattoo

Out of the new 9th Gate Tattoo shop in Sydney, co-owner Jennifer Hupalo works hard to impress her clients with her style and her deep passion for tattooing.


Billie Lou – Adept Tattoos

Billie grew up in China where tattoos were shunned. But he had a passion for art. When he came to Canada a few years ago he dove into tattoo art, merging the styles he had learned in his art education.


Nicole Allen – Nicole’s Custom Tattoo Studio

Out of a small studio behind her home in Oxford Nova Scotia Nicole has become a popular artist for people across Northern Nova Scotia. Nicole tells the story of building a client base far from larger towns and cities of Nova Scotia.


Scott Clark – Pushing Ink

One of the best known artists in Amherst, Scott Pushing started his career doing political cartoons and etching monuments. With a push from a friend he tried his hand at tattooing and has never looked back.