NSK9 Episode Guide

Only twenty-five percent of the world’s domesticated dogs live as pets and working dogs. The rest live as feral animals. Yet scientists have found the most widespread bonding between humans and another species, anywhere in the world, or in history, is with dogs. Over four seasons, running until 2022, NSK9 explored the relationship we have with our furry best friends, from their health, to their food, to their lives as working dogs, and to their lives as pets. From more serious subjects, such as how dogs are helping patients cope with PTSD and other mental health conditions, to how people cope with the loss of a pet.

The first season started airing on January 20th, 2019. Each of the four seasons includes13 episodes. It is now available across Canada On Demand. Season 4 wrapped in spring 2022.

NSK9 was produced and owned by Winterlight Productions Limited (you can visit their official page by clicking on the link) and is made in association with Eastlink Community TV. It is produced with the assistance of the Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund.


Episode S3E1 – Puppercycle

Nova Scotia has a lot of lighthouses, travelling to each and every one is an adventure. But what if you’re a dog visiting them in the sidecar of a motorcycle? Well that would make you Datsun. NSK9 joins Datsun as he wraps up his journey for the year.

Episode S3E2 – Tricks Are For Dogs

Shake a paw? Check. Roll over? Check. But what about some more elaborate tricks? And how about if you could get an official Canadian Kennel Club title for your dog and their tricks? On this episode of NSK9 we explore the world of tricks for dogs.

Episode S3E3 – Puzzle Dog

Logic puzzles are hard enough for people. But dogs can do them too. One woman has brought the Dutch activity of Hersenwerk, or Brain Work, to Nova Scotia and North America for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Episode S3E4 – COVID Tails

COVID has been tough on many Nova Scotia businesses. In this special episode of NSK9 we go back to visit some of the businesses we featured in previous seasons to find out how COVID has impacted the dog world.

Episode S3E5 – Leashes From The Sea

A surfer with a passion for dogs and the ocean finds that you can take garbage washed up on Nova Scotia beaches and turn it into leashes.

Episode S3E6 – Persistent Geese Agitators

Canada Geese are a problem for golf courses and golfers. How to humanely manage geese is a challenge, but in Nova Scotia one man and his border collies has become a saviour to course managers and golfers.

Episode S3E7 – Dryland

No snow? No problem. Sled dogs head out on the trails pulling sleds and scooters made for dryland conditions.

Episode S3E8 – Sitehounds

They include the fastest breeds in the dog world and on this weekend in Stewiacke they are racing for titles.

Episode S3E9 – Local Food

The local food movement is growing quickly, and two Nova Scotia companies are riding the wave to massive interest among dog owners.

Episode S3E10 – PTSD

Service dogs for those who live with PTSD can be an important part of the support system. But it takes specific training and there are lots of challenges to establish rules everyone will follow.

Episode S3E11 – The Makers

Three Nova Scotia dog owners have turned wanting something special for their pet into international businesses supplying pet wear.

Episode S3E12 – The Energy of Youth

Young Ainsley Stapleton set out to start a dog training business. Then the pandemic hit. Now she’s training dogs both in person and online.

Episode S3E13 – Hiking With Dogs

Extreme dog walkers? Maybe. These dog walkers go out in all weather conditions for off leash wilderness hikes. It’s a lot of work, but its also a lot of fun.