NSK9 Episode Guide

Only twenty-five percent of the world’s domesticated dogs live as pets and working dogs. The rest live as feral animals. Yet scientists have found the most widespread bonding between humans and another species, anywhere in the world, or in history, is with dogs. Over four seasons, running until 2022, NSK9 explored the relationship we have with our furry best friends, from their health, to their food, to their lives as working dogs, and to their lives as pets. From more serious subjects, such as how dogs are helping patients cope with PTSD and other mental health conditions, to how people cope with the loss of a pet.

The first season started airing on January 20th, 2019. Each of the four seasons includes13 episodes. It is now available across Canada On Demand. Season 4 wrapped in spring 2022.

NSK9 was produced and owned by Winterlight Productions Limited (you can visit their official page by clicking on the link) and is made in association with Eastlink Community TV. It is produced with the assistance of the Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund.


S4E1      Islands and Dogs

Off the coast of Nova Scotia are thousands of islands and many of those are home to sheep. Sheep which are herded by border collies. NSK9 visits the southern most point in Nova Scotia to find out how these dogs help manage sheep off the province’s coast.

S4E2      Disc Dog

More than just frisbee, Disc Dog is a growing sport that involves throwing, catching, and sometimes complex routines. Great Village hosts an annual year end competition – the world series of Disc Dog.

S4E3      Colour Run

Taking dog portraits to another level, photographing dogs running with colour trailing them is a new trend. In the city, a different sort of Firefighter calendar is prepared to support firefighters facing trauma.

S4E4      One on One

Sometimes solving challenging problems requires a personal dog trainer. From deciding how to pick a breed to helping your dog feel less reactive around other dogs, NSK9 explores the world of individual dog trainers to find out when it might be right for you.

S4E5      Full Circle Vet

NSK9 visits a veterinary clinic in Dartmouth specializing in rehabilitation and Chinese medicine and learns how the approach can compliment traditional approaches to veterinary science.

S4E6      Really Big Dogs

What’s it like to live with a really big dog? NSK9 talks to owners about the joys and challenges of big dogs.

S4E7      Great Danes

The biggest of them all? That’s the Great Dane and those who love them really love them. NSK9 visits with people passionate about this gentle giant.

S4E8      Rally On

Rally and obedience used to be just about training your dog to be well behaved. Now it’s a sport, and NSK9 travels to Truro for one of the annual competitions where ribbons are waiting for the winners.

S4E9      Fun Stuff

Can your dog sing? How about ride a skateboard? In this episode of NSK9 we meet dogs doing some really unique things to pass the time.

S4E10    Dog Businesses

Starting a business involving dogs can be a challenge, but it can also be rewarding. In this episode we explore the ins and outs of operating a dog based business.

S4E11    Therapy Dogs

St. John’s Ambulance has been running a therapy dog program for a long time. In this episode of NSK9 we dive deep into the program to find out what it does and how you can get involved.

S4E12    Dog Parks

There is more to developing dog parks than just putting up a sign and letting the dogs run free. We talk to a landscape architect and municipal councillor about the considerations and challenges in addressing this growing need.

S4E13    Return To Play

After years of being shut down due to COVID, dog competitions in big venues are back. NSK9 visits the first back to play for indoor dog sports as COVID lockdown restrictions lessen.