NSK9 - now available across Canada On Demand

Only twenty-five percent of the world’s domesticated dogs live as pets and working dogs. The rest live as feral animals. Yet scientists have found the most widespread bonding between humans and another species, anywhere in the world, or in history, is with dogs. Over four seasons, running until 2022, NSK9 explored the relationship we have with our furry best friends, from their health, to their food, to their lives as working dogs, and to their lives as pets. From more serious subjects, such as how dogs are helping patients cope with PTSD and other mental health conditions, to how people cope with the loss of a pet.

The first season started airing on January 20th, 2019. Each of the four seasons includes13 episodes. It is now available across Canada On Demand. Season 4 wrapped in spring 2022.

NSK9 was produced and owned by Winterlight Productions Limited (you can visit their official page by clicking on the link) and is made in association with Eastlink Community TV. It is produced with the assistance of the Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund.

Producer: Ron Foley MacDonald
Executive Producer: Paul Kimball
Director, Writer, & Host: Andrew Younger