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Keynote Speeches

Andrew’s keynote talks are always customized to the audience. With a leading communications, government affairs, and corporate responsibility expert Andrew engages attendees and challenges them to think critically about world issues and business challenges.

Drawing on his extensive experience in energy, global environmental issues, resource development, media, international development, and government Andrew offers insightful analysis, leadership advice, and concrete examples to illustrate his talks.

Panels & Media

Andrew has appeared on panels and media programs around the world, discussing global issues, corporate responsibility, and public engagement. He’s looked upon for advice by governments, non-profits, and corporations across many sectors, and serves as a compelling panelist at conferences.

With an award winning background in journalism, Andrew also makes a knowledgeable and ideal panel chair for events in many sectors, drawing out engaging discussions and debates.


Andrew has been tutored by some of the top media trainers in North America, and has studied under expert leadership trainers. People who regularly serve top companies and government organizations, including the Pentagon.

For over two decades Andrew has delivered training in communications, writing, media, and leadership. Working in small groups or presenting to large audiences, Andrew’s insight is sure to offer value.

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