Walkabout Episode Guide - Season 1

All Nova Scotians love to travel. It’s central to our history, from our very beginnings as settlers in a New World, to our trading days as masters of the oceans in the Age of Sail, to the modern era of travel around the world for both business and pleasure.

Over the years, the most accessible and popular travel destination has always been our own backyard, which makes sense, given the natural wonders of the region. With the rise of the eco-friendly tourism industry of the 21st century, more Nova Scotians than ever before are moving away from the commercial attractions, and heading out into the wilderness to explore our region by hiking along its myriad trails, channeling the independent and adventurous spirit of our ancestors from all cultures, from the Scots to the Mi’kmaq.

In Walkabout, host Andrew Younger travels those trails, profiling the unique natural beauty to be found along each one of them and learning about the history of the area. From hillwalking in the Highlands of Cape Breton, to scrambling over the rocky trails along the South Shore, the series exploresNova Scotia in a way that is true to our heritage, and which shows our Province in all of its wonder and splendour.


Episode 0101

Land of Evangeline

From dawn on the shoreline around the world famous Cape Split, to travelling along the upper hiking trail, Walkabout’s Season Premiere visits the land of Evangeline ending at sunset along the Harvest Moon Trail in Grand Pre.

Episode 0102

Maple Syrup, Scots, & The Victorian Age  

Starting on Rogart Mountain which was named for the place the mountain’s Scottish settlers arrived from, Walkabout explores one of the highest points in mainland Nova Scotia, followed by a stop for maple syrup before heading to the nearby town of Truro to visit Victoria Park which was established in Victorian age tradition.

Episode 0103

The Ocean’s Made This Place

Both Lunenburg’s Gaff’s Point and Prospect’s High Head Trail were created with the help of nature conservation organizations. This episode of Walkabout hunts for a secret beach and dives into the natural history of our coasts with a pitstop at the popular LaHave Bakery.

Episode 0104

Carved by Tides

Cape Chignecto is one of Nova Scotia’s most famous hiking destinations. As a day hike the, tidal creation “the three sisters” is steeped in ancient myth. Buried nearby are the remnants of a once thriving shgip building town of Eatonville, now lost to the forest. Across Cobequid Bay visitors come from far and wide to see a flowerpot rise from the ocean floor at Burntcoat Head.

Episode 0105

There May Be Ghosts

The Maritimes only true Ghost Town is now a popular hike on South Mountain near Paradise Nova Scotia. Tractors and cemeteries are found abandoned in the forest. Across the valley almost nothing remains of the town in Delaps Cove where Black Loyalists once made their homes, but the memory of their struggles are still alive on the woodland trails.

Episode 0106

The Highlands

It’s beautiful and its cold. Stunning vistas, and beautiful fall colours await as Walkabout explores two of the most popular hikes in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Franey Mountain and the Skyline Trail.

Episode 0107

Forgotten Places

It’s one of the most remote places in Nova Scotia. Pollet’s Cove has fascinated hikers with its arduous journey across Western Cape Breton to what was once a small town. Just south of Pollet’s Cove you’ll find a place less remote, the Gypsum Mine Trail, now popular with people seeking out the blue waters that now fill the former mine site.

Episode 0108

Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore

Journeying along the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Walkabout follows the Shearwater Flyer, Salt Marsh, and Atlantic View trails travelling through industrial sites, protected marshes, and past beaches. We end our journey on one of the trails of Taylor’s Head Provincial Park.

Episode 0109

Mountains and Fishing Towns

Walkabout starts by taking in Keppoch Mountain following a trail that spends a few days each year remembering people who have passed away before taking a hike to the top of the mountain. The only way down is by bike. Then it’s on to Canso and the fairy like Chapel Gully Trail.

Episode 0110

Rail Lines and Lookoffs

On the south shore of Nova Scotia the Rum Runners Trail takes in the best of the coast from Mahone Bay through to Halifax. Walkabout journeys much of the old railway before heading off to explore nearby Blue Mountain.

Episode 0111

Cape Breton’s History

Walkabout follows the northern end of the Celtic Shores Trail from Mabou to Inverness, exploring the world of music, farming, and Celtic traditions, before heading across the island to dive into the history of the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail just across Louisbourg harbour from the famous fortress.

Episode 0112

Skull Rock to Shubie Park

Walkabout takes on Musquodoboit’s challenging Admiral Lake Loop trail in search of the famous Skull Rock before heading off to one of the most popular urban parks in Nova Scotia, Shubie Park, where Ospreys await.

Episode 0113

Warden of the North

Thomas Raddall called Halifax the Warden of the North in his 1948 book by the same name, referring to the city’s strategic military role. In this episode Walkabout traces the history of military Halifax through visits to the trails on McNab’s Island and at Duncan’s Cove.