Walkabout Episode Guide - Season 2

All Nova Scotians love to travel. It’s central to our history, from our very beginnings as settlers in a New World, to our trading days as masters of the oceans in the Age of Sail, to the modern era of travel around the world for both business and pleasure.

Over the years, the most accessible and popular travel destination has always been our own backyard, which makes sense, given the natural wonders of the region. With the rise of the eco-friendly tourism industry of the 21st century, more Nova Scotians than ever before are moving away from the commercial attractions, and heading out into the wilderness to explore our region by hiking along its myriad trails, channeling the independent and adventurous spirit of our ancestors from all cultures, from the Scots to the Mi’kmaq.

In Walkabout, host Andrew Younger travels those trails, profiling the unique natural beauty to be found along each one of them and learning about the history of the area. From hillwalking in the Highlands of Cape Breton, to scrambling over the rocky trails along the South Shore, the series exploresNova Scotia in a way that is true to our heritage, and which shows our Province in all of its wonder and splendour.


S2E1      Islands

Walkabout host Andrew Younger explores trails on Brier Island and Long Island at Nova Scotia’s most westerly point, discovering unique geology and one of the province’s most important nature sanctuaries.

S2E2      Three Waterfalls

On a journey across Cape Breton Island, Walkabout host Andrew Younger explores three waterfalls, and finds they each have an interesting story that isn’t well known to most hikers.

S2E3      Protected Spaces

Two locations along the Eastern Shore have been protected but for very different reasons. Shelter Cove is protected as a unique unspoiled headland, while Port Bickerton tells the story of Nova Scotia’s lighthouses.

S2E4      Coastal Adventures

South of Halifax two coastal hikes call out to be explored. Pennant Point near the popular Crystal Crescent Beach and Polly’s Cove in the Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area.

S2E5      Pictou County Gems

Walkabout host Andrew Younger tells the industrial history of Trenton as he explores Trenton Park and the Smelt Brook Ravine, and then shares ghost stories at a trail near Melmerby Beach Park.

S2E6      Canyons and Waterfalls

Devil’s Bend trail takes hikers through the Economy River Wilderness Area, Horse Pasture Falls is not one waterfall but many waterfalls in the Wentworth Valley Wilderness Area. Both adventures take visitors to places of unparalleled natural beauty.

S2E7      Eastern Shore Adventure

From a group of trails built to explore the connection between art and nature at the Deanery in Ship Harbour, to a beachfront trail system on an old military bombing range, Walkabout explores how land uses change over time and open opportunities for adventure.

S2E8      Walk Through History

At one time horse drawn carriages passed the majestic Uniacke Estates. Today those same routes are used by hikers who can explore the history of this once prominent space. Leaving there the Nine Mile River trail system invites you to explore natural history near Enfield.

S2E9      The Railway That Never Was

Travelling the Trans Canada Trail System out of Guysborough and up Salmon River, this episode of Walkabout leaves town for the Ogden Round Lake Wilderness Area, stopping in to see a very tiny, but famous, local residence.

S2E10    Those Who Came Before

In the Gully Lake Wilderness Area you’ll find a trail named for a former Mi’kmaq hunting guide, Sandy Cope. The trail takes you through the history of not only the Mi’kmaq but the many others who have lived on that land. Moving west towards Debert the Mi’kmawey Debert Intepretive Trail takes you deeper into the early history of the Mi’kmaq themselves.

S2E11    Quiet Spaces

On Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore the remote Abraham Lake Nature Reserve offers a place of silence in nature while protecting many important species, towards Liscomb the Liscomb Falls trail follows the Liscomb River along a popular Salmon fishing run all the way to a former hydro facility.

S2E12    Rocks of Time

A Mastodon, 10,000 years old found in a Nova Scotia mine a reminder of the ice age. Not far from there in a protected wilderness area, cliffs sculpted by that same ice age. Walkabout explores the Mastodon and Gibraltar Rock Trails.

S2E13    Urban Gems

The Bluff Wilderness Area has become a popular hiking destination with easy access to urban adventurers, the Pot Lake Loop is the first trail on that system. In Bedford you find a park which is wrapped up in history and a bit of myth – Hemlock Ravine Park.