Walkabout Episode Guide - Season 3

All Nova Scotians love to travel. It’s central to our history, from our very beginnings as settlers in a New World, to our trading days as masters of the oceans in the Age of Sail, to the modern era of travel around the world for both business and pleasure.

Over the years, the most accessible and popular travel destination has always been our own backyard, which makes sense, given the natural wonders of the region. With the rise of the eco-friendly tourism industry of the 21st century, more Nova Scotians than ever before are moving away from the commercial attractions, and heading out into the wilderness to explore our region by hiking along its myriad trails, channeling the independent and adventurous spirit of our ancestors from all cultures, from the Scots to the Mi’kmaq.

In Walkabout, host Andrew Younger travels those trails, profiling the unique natural beauty to be found along each one of them and learning about the history of the area. From hillwalking in the Highlands of Cape Breton, to scrambling over the rocky trails along the South Shore, the series exploresNova Scotia in a way that is true to our heritage, and which shows our Province in all of its wonder and splendour.

Season 3 is produced by Whalesong Group Inc and Fairy Door Productions Ltd. and airs on Eastlink


Walkabout S3E1

The Tobeatic

In the season 3 premiere, Walkabout heads into the Tobeatic Wilderness Area, searching for a cabin at the top of Billy’s Hill, exploring some of the darkest skies in North America, and learning about a different type of hiking adventure in the form of forest bathing.

Walkabout S3E2

Changing Highlands

Western Cape Breton has changed a lot over the last century or so. Host Andrew Younger starts in the Margaree looking for evidence of an old gold mine in the Gold Brook Valley on this hike, and follows up with a trip to the top of Cape Smokey for a short hike across the top of the mountain.

Walkabout S3E3

Cobequid Mountains

The Fitzpatrick Mountain trail forms part of the 400km Cape to Cape Trail. Headed towards Scotsburn, host Andrew Younger ventures through an area frequented by hikers and mountain bikers, while telling the story of a long forgotten epic battle. After he heads to the Earltown Lake Trail where early settlers from Rogart Scotland set up their homes.

Walkabout S3E4

Rocks and Waterfalls

The Crowbar hiking system near Porters Lake is a very popular destination. Walkabout ventures out to Granite Lake along the Spriggs Brook trail before going in search of a stunning waterfall in Fall River very close to Halifax’s Airport.

Walkabout S3E5

Northern Mountains

They aren’t easy but they are both bucket list hikes for many in Nova Scotia. In the far northern part of the province, you’ll find the Money Point and Theodore Fricker trails. Money Point is a tough hike along the coast out to the site of former lighthouse, and Theodore Fricker goes up, way up, to a peak overlooking Aspy Bay. Both stunning. Both difficult.

Walkabout S3E6

South Shore Adventures

A short ferry ride from Chester finds you on Big Tancook Island and it’s where Walkabout starts this episode, by exploring the island and learning about the rich history of this island outpost, home to many families and a one room schoolhouse. Back on the mainland, host Andrew Younger heads to Castle Rock, a popular hike to the top of a rocky, and sometimes foggy, outcrop near East River.

Walkabout S3E7

Minas Waterfalls

Built on private land, but welcoming visitors, the Ward Falls trail takes you to an amazing waterfall and swimming hole in the forests near Economy. Not to far away, a guided adventure takes the Walkabout team deep into the George Fraser Slot Canyon, to a spot where they have to climb and rappel to see a hidden waterfall that never disappoints.

Walkabout S3E8

Fortress Halifax

York Redoubt is known by many as an old fortress location which is fun to explore along Halifax Harbour. But its also home to many trails which give visitors the chance to find even more evidence of the many different lives this fortress had. A little further out along the coast, the Herring Cove Bluffs also keep watch over the harbour from a protected area blessed with beautiful harbour vistas.

Walkabout S3E9

Abandoned Roads

Hiking woodland trails is one thing, but some hiking destinations are former roads. Provincial roads which are still, legally, roads. Host Andrew Younger visits three abandoned provincial roads and finds the remains of a home that was once the site of a grisly murder, while at another site no evidence remains of what was once a thriving town.

Walkabout S3E10

Urban Finds

Near Kearney Lake in Halifax, you can get lost in the woods along trails which make you feel you are far from urban life. Walkabout heads out on a series of trails towards Ash Lake in the Birch Cove Blue Mountain Wilderness, before heading off to the Bedford Sackville Connector where a hike starts with a former military site at Fort Sackville and passes by a modern military installation before ending in Sackville.

Walkabout S3E11

Acadian Life

Cheticamp is the gateway for many to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. At the very entrance two trails, Acadian and Buttereau trace lands which were home to Acadian settlers until the 1930s when the national park was created. Buttereau still hosts the ruins of old homesteads, while Acadian takes you up through a valley and up a mountain to spectacular views and three different habitats.

Walkabout S3E12

Wild Horses

In the first of a two part episode, host Andrew Younger finds himself 300km southeast of Halifax on a sand dune rising above the Atlantic Ocean and the Continental Shelf. A place called Sable Island. Known internationally for its wild horses, host Andrew Younger explores this wind swept island to learn more about the horses, and the other wildlife and flora that calls this remote place home

Walkabout S3E13

Beyond The Horses

In the second part of Walkabout’s exploration of Sable Island, host Andrew Younger finds out about the people who have called, and continue to call Sable Island home. As he hikes across the island he finds there is much more to the island than just horses and wildlife, but also a rich history which has ebbed and flowed like the sand dunes themselves.