Women Now

Women Now Episode Guide

Host Allyssa Walsh interviews pioneering Nova Scotia women, women who have made their mark on society. Over the course of two seasons Walsh visited with women covering a variety of careers and found out what drove them to success. Directed and written by Andrew Younger of Whalesong Group Inc for Garnan Productions Ltd. the show aired on Eastlink from 2020 until 2021.


Women Now S1E1

Lyndsay Doyle

Meet Lyndsay Doyle, a Nova Scotian photographer determined to address gaps of gender inequality in sports coverage. Highlighting the stories of strong female athletes in their element, Lyndsay travelled across the country to use her lens to tell these stories. Lyndsay has published her first book Strong and Free.

Women Now S1E2

Quita Gray

Co-owner of Sugar Moon Farm, Quita Gray works to bring the ‘Great Canadian Experience’ to Nova Scotia all year round. Running a maple farm and restaurant, she shares with us her experience of running a truly local business in rural Nova Scotia and bringing sweet joy to all those who visit.

Women Now S1E3

Mirna Yazji

Mirna Yazji fled the conflict in Syria in 2016 and began to build a home in Nova Scotia thanks to a private sponsorship. Shortly after her arrival to Canada, she was faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This is her story of survival, determination, and community, which led to her opening one of New Glasgow’s most booming restaurants.

Women Now S1E4

Stacey Chesnutt

Women Now discusses the important role that sports plays in the lives of young women and girls. Building confidence, strength, and friendship are just a few reasons why Stacy Chesnutt has dedicated her life to ensuring girls across Nova Scotia have the skills they need to reach the finish line.

Women Now S1E5

Linda Peers

It all began when Linda Peers rented out a local church kitchen with the goal of creating a non-dairy probiotic. After experiencing incredible results, she knew her product had to be made available to others. Having recently opened a factory in Dartmouth, Linda now produces the most powerful probiotic on the market.

Women Now S1E6


Enter the world of slow fashion with Tabitha of Tabitha + Co. Tabitha makes each and every bag in her collection by hand while implementing sustainable practices to ensure the very best product reaches her costumers. Learn more about her journey as she opens up her first storefront during a global pandemic.

Women Now S1E7

Liz Ingram-Chambers

When the original Le Bistro closed, Liz Ingram-Chambers was heartbroken after having managed the restaurant for nine years. When the opportunity came to bring her beloved French cuisine back to Halifax through Le Bistro by Liz, it was one she could not pass up.

Women Now S1E8

Anne Whebby

With a passion for the power of storytelling and childhood wonder, Anne Whebby opened up Tattletales, an independent children’s book and toy store in Dartmouth. For 25 years Anne has been working to ensure children throughout our community have access to book and works closely with local schools to reduce barriers.

Women Now S1E9

Gina Haverstock

From dreams of becoming a doctor to becoming the head winemaker at one of Nova Scotia’s premiere vineyards, Gina Haverstock shares with us her unexpected passion for cultivating the perfect glass of wine.

Women Now S1E10

El Jones

Meet Halifax’s former Poet Laureate as we dive into her life as an academic, activist, and passionate community member. Find out why El decided to focus her advocacy efforts here in Nova Scotia.

Women Now S1E11

Gail Atkinson

Growing up in a family of fisherman, Gail Atkinson couldn’t imagine pursuing any other career for herself. Little did she know that one day she would lead Canada’s first all-female fishing boat crew this past lobster season.

Women Now S1E12

Maureen Googoo

When Maureen Googoo was a young reporter, she was told her dream of opening an Indigenous newspaper would never be a reality. After receiving a master’s degree from Columbia University, she was determined to challenge those that didn’t believe in her. Today, she runs the only independent news website that covers Indigenous news in Atlantic Canada.

Women Now S1E13

Dr. Mary Anne White

One of Dalhousie University’s first female Chemistry professors, Dr. Mary Anne White has been making a significant impact on scientific advancement since early in her career. Having received one of Canada’s highest honours, the Order of Canada, she shares how she continues to innovate in her field and inspire future generations of scientists.