Women Now

Women Now Episode Guide

Host Allyssa Walsh interviews pioneering Nova Scotia women, women who have made their mark on society. Over the course of two seasons Walsh visited with women covering a variety of careers and found out what drove them to success. Directed and written by Andrew Younger of Whalesong Group Inc for Garnan Productions Ltd. the show aired on Eastlink from 2020 until 2021.


Women Now S2E1 – Jessika Hepburn

Creating Atlantic Canada’s first BIPOC retreat space is no small task, but Jessika Hepburn is ready to take it on. Listen to her story on today’s episode of Women Now.

Women Now S2E2 – Brianna Hagel

When Brianna Hagel started working in Human Resources she never imagined that one day she would own a butcher shop. But, her passion for food led her to open Vessel Meats, which focuses on transparent and sustainable practices while supporting Atlantic Canadian farmers.

Women Now S2E3 – Angela Keenan

When COVID-19 swept through Nova Scotia, Angela Keenan was determined to incorporate an innovative approach to protecting our provinces healthcare workers. On today’s episode, she shares her experiences as the Director of Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness with the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Women Now S2E4 – Shelly Whitman

Dr. Shelly Whitman’s passion for putting child rights upfront has brought her around the world to advocate for change. She tells her story on today’s episode of Women Now.

Women Now S2E5 – Lisa Learning

After both of her sons were diagnosed with lime disease, Lisa Learning was determined to create Canada’s first all-natural tick repellent. Learn more about the importance of tick prevention on today’s episode.

Women Now S2E6 – Jillian Richards

Jillian Richards is no stranger to being in male-dominated spaces. On today’s episode, she shares her journey as a Team Canada athlete and Journeyman Electrician.

Women Now S2E7 – Kristen Herrington

Inspired by life’s often overlooked moments, Kristen Herrington creates abstract art pieces that foster imagination and wonder. On today’s episode of Women Now she shares her passion for collaboration and innovation in her creative practices.

Women Now S2E8 – Allison Garber

From a mid-size public relations firm in Toronto to running her own communications business from her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Allison Garber gives us the scoop on being successfully self-employed.

Women Now S2E9 – Paul James

After a strong collegiate career as a sprinter, Paula James decided to take a break from the track. On today’s episode, she puts her running shoes back on to share her goal of being the fastest in her forties.

Women Now S2E10 – Robyn Manning

On today’s episode Robyn Manning, owner of Kentville’s Bricks + Birches, shares her passion for giving home and business spaces a new life through creative design.

Women Now S2E11 – Emily Gard Marshall

When Dr. Emily Gard Marshall decided to pursue higher education, she knew that art would always be a part of her life. Learn how she balances her professorships, research, and creativity on today’s episode.

Women Now S2E12 – Andrea Tsang Jackson

Andrea Tsang Jackson is an award-winning textile artist who utilizes quilting as a way to explore belonging and agency. On today’s episode, she shares her creative journey.

Women Now S2E13 – Amanda McDougall

Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s first female Mayor, Amanda McDougall, was not criticised for her policies on the campaign trail, but for her womanhood. She shares the challenges and triumphs of elected life on today’s episode of Women Now.